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Cold Applied Boots

cable terminationThe 3 Cold Applied Barrier Boot System consist of a one piece EPDM rubber body suitable for operating wet indoors under conditions of ambient temperature and loading.

The Barrier Boot is designed to accommodate bushings of cast resin or porcelain type with diameters between 40.0-70.0mm and is intended for Cold Shrink terminations of power cables up to 15kV with extruded insulation from 50 up to 300mm².

The Barrier Boot in push on version provides the essential encapsulation of the metallic connection against ambient influences between bushing and cable termination and retains a constant compressive force on the sealing surfaces. This feature allows the Barrier Boot to follow expansions and contraction cycling of the cable under conditions of loading even after prolonged years. The Barrier Boot insulator material is tracking resistance EPDM rubber, which minimizes leakage currents in wet indoor conditions.

Kit Content

The 3 Barrier Boot Kit 92-EE717-1 is available in one size and is packed one kit per carton. Each kit contains sufficient quantities of the following components to install the product series in three-pole cable end boxes.

  • 3 barrier boots
  • 3 plastic gloves
  • 3 packets of silicone grease
  • Installation instructions
  • 1 material list


Cable Services web link: Cold Applied Boots

Data Sheet PDF: 3M Barrier Boot Data Sheet

Cable Services Catalogue PDF: Cold Applied Boots

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