Raychem Screened Separable Connector System RSTI-58

800amp up to 24kV

Screened Separable Connector System

cable terminationRaychem RSTI-58 screened separable connectors are designed to connect single and three-core polymeric cables to medium-voltage gasinsu la ted switchgear and other equipment using CENELEC bushings type "C" specified for 630/1250 A up to 24 kV.

Made of a highly modified silicone rubber and protected by a thin-walled outer conductive screen connected to earth, RSTI-58 connectors are equally suited for indoor and outdoor installation. Supporting a wide application range, the design incorporates one body and two stress cone adapters to cover all cross-sections from 25 to 300 mm2. The overall and cut-back dimensions are designed to take up minimum space in the terminal box. RSTI-58 connectors are equipped with a capacitive test point for determining whether the circuit is energised. This test point is protected by a conductive cap.

After cable preparation and lubrication, the stress control adapter is simply slid into place, followed by the screened connector body. These two components can be installed under virtually any conditions. A separable mounting system ensures easy installation of the connector onto the bushing. All kits include highperformance multi-range mechanical or DIN compression lugs matching the design of the RSTI-58 connector.


  • The insulation of the connector is made of a highly modified silicone rubber characterised by high tracking resistance, elongation at break and non-flammability.
  • A thin-walled screen is permanently bonded onto the insulation and protects the connection system against unintentional contact.
  • The screened connector need not be removed for oversheath testing.
  • The screened cable connector exceeds CENELEC HD 629.1 S2 requirements, which includes BS, VDE and other international specifications.
  • Design fits 630/1250 A bushings type "C" as specified by EN50180 and EN50181.
  • The compact design supports the use of double "T" connections inside standard terminal boxes.
  • The wide application range covers cable cross-sections from 25 to 300 mm2.
  • Conductor connection with mechanical or DIN lugs.
  • Easily accessible rear plug with capacitive test point.
  • Few accessories required for system test, double "T" and earth connection.
  • Complete kit including lugs facilitates installation and storage.


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