Tyco Termination IXSUF and OXSUF

Heat-shrinkable medium voltage terminations for indoor and outdoor applications for polymeric cables up to 42 kV

Terminating for polymeric cables up to 42kV

cable terminationFeatures at a glance

  • High-performance termination material
  • New ceramic stress control system
  • Compact design
  • Few components
  • Simple to install, high reliability
  • Mechanical robustness
  • Range taking
  • No shelf life limitation

The material makes the difference

Key to the performance of Raychem's products is the materials science and technology going into their development. Raychem has a history of excellent performance in heatshrinkable cable accessories up to 72 kV. Raychem’s heat-shrinkable terminations have a record of proven stability, durability and reliability over many years.

Raychem cable accessories have been used by utilities and industrial companies around the world for more than 30 years. This ongoing field experience has made Raychem a leader in materials technology for high-voltage applications.

Raychem's materials technology is at the core of the development of our new range of heat-shrinkable terminations.


  • Space saving
  • Unlimited shelf life
  • Minimal waste for disposal
  • Simple and fast to install
  • Superior application range

Designed for both indoor and outdoor use in all climate conditions, the IXSU-F/OXSU-F range covers applications for polymeric cables up to 42 kV.

The components combine to provide the important functions required for all medium voltage products: electrical performance, stress control and moisture sealing.

The proprietary materials used in Raychem cable accessories have been extensively optimised with respect to product design and function, manufacturing and expected service environments.

Variations and differences can exist among base polymer grades and additives. Formulations consist not only of polymer but of additives and fillers which greatly influence the material’s properties. The formulation, the compounding procedures, material processing, product design and assembly all contribute to the overall product performance.

Insulation materials

The materials used in the IXSU-F/ OXSU-F termination generation have undergone many years of development, yielding a polymeric material with exceptional electrical and weathering properties. The formulation is based on proven polymer compounds, exhibiting excellent stability and long-term performance over several decades under severe environmental conditions. It delivers outstanding tracking and erosion resistance, mechanical strength, weatherability and dielectric properties.

Stress control materials

Raychem has formulated a new electrical stress control material, which is based on Raychem's experience in ceramic semiconductor technology (ZnO). The ZnO stress control system is integrated in a heatshrinkable insulating tubing. It fills any irregularities, bonds to the insulation and achieves excellent electrical performance.

Product range

The product line is designed for polymer cables from 10 to 800 mm2 and up to 42 kV. This coverage is achieved with a minimum number of design variants.

The products are fully tested in accordance with CENELEC specification HD629 which encompasses international standards such as IEC, British Standards and VDE.

cable box applications, IXSU-F can be combined with either Raychem’s elastomeric bushing boot (RCAB) or Raychem’s insulated connection system (RICS) to fit most types of switchgear bushing currently available.

For pole top applications, Raychem can supply OXSU-F along with polymeric support insulators (EPBI), Polygarde metal oxide surge arresters (HDA), and most fittings required for installation.

All IXSU-F/OXSU-F components have full traceability of raw materials and manufacture according to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

Kit content

Each IXSU-F/OXSU-F kit consists of the insulation tubing including coextruded stress control, sealant tapes and installation instructions. For 3-core cables, the kit also includes a conductive breakout and tubing for custom core length. For special applications contact your local Raychem sales office.

Use the EPP 0795 selection guide to select the right kit for your cable range.


Each kit contains easy-to-follow installation instructions with excellent visuals of the installation steps. Installation is both fast and simple.


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Data Sheet PDF: Tyco IXSUF and OXSUF Data Sheet

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