For termination of 10kV to 52kV

MV-CONNEX Termination

cable terminationThe PFISTERER range of cable accessories offers solutions for virtually all applications in the area of medium voltage engineering. All accessories use silicone rubber as insulating medium because of its outstanding properties. PFISTERER offer components and complete systems.

MV-CONNEX. A Dry, Separable Connector System for Medium Voltage Networks

CONNEX meets all your requirements to an universal system of separable connectors: fully insulated with metal housing and providing touch-proof properties. It is maintenance-free, suitable for outdoor use and waterproof. This means MV-CONNEX can be used even in the most extreme conditions.

MV-CONNEX for medium voltage systems comes in a wide range of variations. It includes traditional plug and socket combinations, multiple sockets, bus-bar connectors, surge arresters and voltage detecting systems.

MV-CONNEX components are factory tested and are surprisingly simple to install. Complex oil and gas work during installation and commissioning of transformers is finally a thing of the past.

MV-CONN EX up to 52 kV

The MV-CONNEX range is ideal for use in ring main units, circuit-breaker switch-gear, high-voltage motors, transformers, capacitors, transducers and sealing boxes. The connectors on the equipment-side are designed to meet EN 50180, 50181, and DIN 476 37. The plug is suitable for all kinds of insulated plastic cables. As well as a wide range of standard types there are also customer-specific versions for every cable type. The MV-CONNEX system features numerous variations: in addition to the standard plug and socket combination, there are many other versions for testing purposes and special applications.


  • No liquid insulating medium
  • No need to open the cable termination At the installation site
  • Deckwater-proof
  • Suitable for outdoor use
  • Thorough transformer and GIS testing by manufacturer possible
  • Metal enclosed
  • Fully insulated
  • Touch proof
  • Free from arcing
  • High short-circuit protection
  • Maintenance free
  • Soil- and offshore-proof (optional)

Silicone - A Key Material in Medium Voltage Engineering

Water, dirt, grease and oil-resistant, completely maintenance-free, shock-resistant and unbreakable: silicone rubber is the perfect material for cable terminations and far superior to traditional materials such as porcelain. When used as a stress-relief device in sealed applications, silicone evens out temperature variations and unevenness in the cable surface much better than harder materials such as EPDM do. Dangerous partial discharges caused by air gaps are safely avoided. PFISTERER makes silicone products primarily using advanced LSR (Liquid Silicone Rubber) designs; special variations are designed using RTV (Room-Temperature Vulcanizing Silicone).

Continuous voltage indicator for enclosed equipment

With the increasing use of enclosed switchgear, voltage testing systems, that indicate the presence of voltage without directly contacting live parts, are becoming increasingly important. The principle of the DSA continuous voltage indicator that was developed by us has become a standard. In line with the trend towards integrated systems we have incorporated these plug-in display devices in the compact DSA-i3 system.


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