Tyco Cable Box Extension Glands

For a wide range of applications

Cable Box Extension Glands

cable terminationThe Raychem cable gland is used with a wide range of cable boxes designed for compound filling where the distance from bushing to baseplate is al limiting factor. The gland is made to match stud spacings to BS 2562.

It is also available with an insulating plate for separate earthing and of aluminium for single core applications. These can be ordered separately as complete kits or along with the termination by adding the mod code at the end of the part number.


  • Steel/Small/X-Type/cables up to 95 mm2
    (Part Number EAKT 1605 / Mod Code G 05)
  • Steel/Large/Y-Type/cables up to 300 mm2
    (Part Number EAKT 1606 / Mod Code G 06)
  • Steel/Large/Y-Type/with insulating plate
    (Part Number EAKT 1607 / Mod Code G 07)
  • Aluminium/Small/X-Type/1-core application
    (Part Number EAKT 1608 / Mod Code G 08)


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